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The Real Deal on What Prospective Students Want


Tuesday 21st May 2024
15:00 - 16:00 PM BST

Have you ever wondered whether you truly understand the desires and needs of prospective students? We certainly have.

We conducted a comprehensive survey with 4,000 prospective students from around the world, asking them to share their candid thoughts on what factors influence their study choices. Plus, we consulted nearly 100 university staff members to understand their perceptions of what they believe matters to these students.

Join us on Tuesday, May 21st at 15:00 PM BST for an insightful panel discussion on these findings. Our expert panel includes Kyle Campbell, Founder of Education Marketer; Rebecca Roberts, Founder of Thread & Fable; and Madalina Marinescu, Senior Marketing Manager at The Ambassador Platform.

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Meet our speakers:

Kyle Campbell


Education Marketer

Rebecca Roberts


Thread & Fable

Madalina Marinescu

Senior Marketing Manager

The Ambassador Platform

The Real Deal on What Prospective Students Want