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Data insights from our recent global survey

24 May 2023, 16:00 BST | 11:00 EDT


Copy of May Webinar

What really matters to prospective students?

That's what we wanted to know too. That's why we surveyed 800 prospective students from around the world, and we're ready to share the findings. This survey dives deep into the preferences of prospective students when it comes to:

👉 using and comparing all the sources of information available, from websites to social media

👉 the value they place on speaking with current students

👉 why, when & where peer-to-peer is most valued in the student journey.

Join George Olesen (The Ambassador Platform), Sara Sanford (Edified), Emma Hasman and Evridiki Thoma (student ambassadors at De Montfort University) for what promises to be a very insightful session.