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Training Center

Welcome to TAP's Training Center! Here, you'll find a short course of content aimed at helping you build an ambassador program, get set up on TAP, and integrate your ambassadors across the recruitment and admissions cycle. Not only that, there are also recordings of our XCM strategy workshop, and both the normal and advanced ambassador training webinars for you and your ambassadors to access on demand whenever you need them.


Master TAP

Whether you want to find out more about building an ambassador program, getting set up on TAP, or really maximizing what you can do with the platform, this is the place for you!

Building your ambassador program

In this video we'll take you through a load of useful advice and ideas to help fuel your institution’s ambassador program. We’ll cover recruiting ambassadors, training and developing them, and then look at ongoing ambassador management and incentivization.

Sample job description for an ambassador

Using TAP on social media




Getting set up on TAP

In this video, we’ll take you through the five stages you need to go through to create your account, as well as briefly touch on a few other resources you can access that will help you get even more out of our platform.

More resources to help you get setup on TAP







Maximizing the value of your ambassadors on TAP

In this video, we’ll take you through the challenges facing recruitment teams across the sector and show you how your ambassador program can be a vital tool to help you overcome them. We’ll cover different points of the admissions cycle, show you where your ambassadors can add value, and how you can pull this together through TAP and build an insights-rich recruitment cycle that you can repeat and improve time and time again.

Excel sheet to help calculate conversion from TAP


On-demand training

Recordings of our training webinars you can access whenever you need.

XCM strategy workshop

A 60-minute session that goes through the entire recruitment cycle and examines how you can get the most of out your ambassadors and our platform, and includes examples from in and around the sector, refreshers of TAP functionality, and follows a persona of a prospect at every stage of the journey.

Ambassador training

A one-hour session aimed at giving ambassadors an overview of The Ambassador Platform, an understanding of its features, plus guidance on how to correctly set up profile, how you should approach your work on the platform, and some ideas for content you might want to create.

Next-level Ambassador masterclass

Become a next-level ambassador, with extra training on having great Chats - both on a one-to-one or group basis, Content ideas and skills, tips for FAQs, and get a look at our latest features.