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What do Student Ambassadors really want?


What makes student ambassadors thrive in their role? Intuitively, we’d think it’s a mix of being motivated, receiving the right support and rewards for their effort, and being able to develop the right skills - but is there more to it?

In 2023, over 2,200 student ambassadors used The Ambassador Platform to connect with prospective students and help them choose their next institution - so we decided to ask them directly.

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Insights from 300+ student ambassadors

Step into the shoes of your student ambassadors, and learn more about:

  • Reasons for taking on the role (and to keep going!)
  • Perceived impact on prospective students.
  • Development opportunities, and how you can support them. 

Get on the same page with your student ambassadors

We've asked student ambassadors to tell us which development activities they would like to see implemented - And their answers didn't quite match with those of their coordinators. Are you getting the best out of them?

Download our report, and see your ambassadors thrive