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Unlocking the secrets of peer-to-peer


The importance of student connections across the recruitment funnel

Insights from 800+ prospective students

Last year, tens of thousands of prospective students worldwide used The Ambassador Platform to connect with student ambassadors, ask them questions and get an insider view of what life is really like at the universities they were considering applying to. 

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Report - Unlocking the secrets of peer-to-peer-01

We spoke with 800+ of them to get insights into their decision-making process...

and the value they place in talking with current students throughout their application journey.

Unlock invaluable data-driven insights by downloading this guide, covering:

  • What sources of information have the biggest impact on the decision-making of prospective students
  • Why and when peer-to-peer connections are valued the most in the student journey
  • Which channels and content formats drive the highest engagement
Report - Unlocking the secrets of peer-to-peer-02

Contents Include:


Meet our prospective students

Sources of information

The importance of student connections

Real student insights

The role of student ambassadors across the recruitment funnel

Facilitating connections

Platform preferences

Connecting with prospective students

The role of prospective students across the recruitment funnel

Reasons to connect


Download our report, unlocking the secrets of peer-to-peer